Pumping Bra 101: Why Every Mum Should Have It

Pumping bras are innovative products that mothers can wear to pump more effectively and efficiently. Though they may be nursing bras, pumping bras aren’t just for nursing. They can also offer you the choice to pump hands-free, so you can accomplish tasks while expressing milk. In addition, pumping bras provide more comfort while allowing you to multitask during pumping.

At Eonian Care, we’ll inspect and learn why pumping bras are highly beneficial for newborn mums.

A Closer Look at Nursing Bras and Pumping Bras

Nursing bras are excellent items for new mums as they have characteristics mainly used in nursing, breastfeeding, and pumping. These garments make these routines convenient, straightforward, and accessible. Nursing bras usually have designs of either pull-aside flaps or clip-on-and-off cups with the intention that you don’t need to remove the bra when breastfeeding. In addition, nursing bras are generally more comfortable than standard ones as it provides additional comfortable wireless support and aids in preventing the clogging of milk ducts.

What Makes Pumping Bras Different

A pumping bra is a type of nursing bra that can link to your breast pump and keeps the pump flanges in place so you can comfortably pump. Pumping bras like the ones from Eonian Care allow new mums to pump hands-free so you can do light tasks even while expressing milk.

Should I Get a Pumping Bra?

Pumping bras are designed with a mother’s convenience in mind. You can secure your flanges with pumping bras, so you still have two available hands to do other tasks. For hands-free pumping, you can quickly move the bra fabric to the side, pulling it away or clipping it on and off to attach your pump. It’s easy to figure out and takes less than a minute.

As a new mother, finding time to finish tasks can be stressful as you struggle to take care of your newborn and juggle between jam-packed work schedules. Pumping bras can help you as you pump hands-free, allowing you to cross off items on your to-do list. For example, you can eat well, finish tasks on your computer, use your phone, respond to messages, and do much more.

In general, pumping bras are excellent for the following scenarios.

  • Pumping bras are excellent for mums who frequently take trips and are constantly in locations other than home.
  • You can also consider a pumping bra if you have little time because of essential obligations.
  • If your current bra isn’t comfortable or quite challenging to wear, you should wear a good pumping bra.

In conclusion, pumping bras can make your life easier. Who doesn’t want more free time, right?

The Eonian Care Hands-free Pumping & Nursing Bra comes with a super soft and breathable fabric with a wide elastic bottom for that secure support and fit. It allows you to do comfortable and easy hands-free pumping, pumps on the side, and breastfeed on the other. You’ll get to choose from four different sizes and three colours with a provided extender to accommodate women of all shapes. They go well with your Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump.

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