Choosing the Best Baby Wipes for Your Newborn

It is natural for every newborn parent to be concerned about their child's safety as they want what's best. That's why there is no use compromising the quality of baby wipes for your little ones.

With so many wipes in the market, shopping has never been more perplexing. At Eonian Care, we will teach you what to look at when shopping for baby wipes.


First, you should check the make of your wipes. We recommend pure wool cotton wipes with no polyester added to them. These wipes are biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly and helping preserve the Earth for future generations.

Free From Chemicals and Fragrance

Next, we recommend getting wipes that are chemical-free and fragrance-free. Chemicals such as parabens, alcohol, etc., cause skin irritations and rashes on sensitive skin. Instead, you should opt for water-based wipes made with plant-based cloths as they gently clean your bub's bottom and leave the skin smooth.

Dry Wipes

You may have also encountered the growing trend of dry wipes. These are the same as the regular wet wipes without the liquid solution. Dry wipes are used in hospital nurseries and are also excellent for wiping wet skin or surfaces.

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For Parents

As a parent, we constantly need to wipe our hands whenever we hold or feed our little ones. Wet wipes are also convenient for us as we deal with sticky surfaces, makeup, spills, dirt, and more. Sometimes, we even find ourselves in situations without a water faucet nearby to wash our hands. Considering what might happen throughout the day, it's always wise to have wet or dry wipes readily available

Why You Should Choose Eonian Care

At Eonian Care, we always got your back. We offer a portable baby wipe dispenser that's easy to use and accessible in one hand. This innovation makes nappy changing, mealtimes, and playtimes a breeze as you can quickly pull the towels you need as it stays secured on a surface with its non-slip suction plate.

Our Eonian Care Re-heatable Wet + Dry Baby Wipe Dispenser also comes with dry wipes made from chemical and fragrance-free natural wool cotton. If you want to have your wipes wet, you can add water and heat them in the microwave to enjoy warm wet wipes. These wipes stay soft and intact even when damp, and you can reheat your dispenser as much as you like.

You can get an Eonian Care Portable Baby Wipe Warmer to complement your dispenser. This warmer comes with three heat settings that are powered by USB cables. You can also use this warmer for your baby food jars.

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