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Experience Freedom with Eonian Care Hands-Free Pumping Nursing Bra!

Nursing Bra!

Introducing the ultimate solution for modern mothers: the Eonian Care Hands-Free Pumping Nursing Bra! Designed for multitasking mothers who want to pump efficiently without sacrificing comfort or freedom, this bra is a must-have in your maternity and postpartum essentials.

Efficient and Comfortable

Our pumping bra is crafted to offer a hands-free experience, allowing you to pump breast milk without the hassle of holding the bottles, giving you back your much-needed time and freedom. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, this bra ensures you can pump discreetly and comfortably.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design: Seamlessly transitions from a nursing bra to a pumping bra, making it perfect for all-day wear.

  • Adjustable Fit: Features a four-way stretch fabric and adjustable straps, providing a snug fit that adapts to your changing body.

  • Easy to Use: The simple clip-up shoulder straps allow for quick access to nursing and can be detached for more convenient pumping.

  • Supportive: Engineered for optimal support, the bra holds the pump securely in place, minimising the risk of leaks and maximising pump efficiency.

Why Choose Eonian Care Pumping Bra?

  • Save Time: Pump both breasts simultaneously with our dual-pump compatibility, saving precious time.

  • Maintain Privacy: The discreet design allows you to pump wherever you find comfortable without drawing attention.

  • Ultimate Comfort: Made from soft, breathable fabric that stays gentle on sensitive skin, ensuring comfort during extended wear.

Product Details:

  • Material: Breathable cotton blend

  • Available in multiple sizes

  • Machine washable for easy care

Customer Testimonials:

Discover why countless mothers trust Eonian Care for their nursing needs. From the convenience of hands-free pumping to the comfort and support it provides, our pumping bra stands out as a top choice for new and experienced mothers alike.

Embrace the convenience of multitasking with the Eonian Care Hands-Free Pumping Nursing Bra. Shop now and take the first step towards a more comfortable and efficient breastfeeding journey!



Made from 10% Spandex, 90% Nylon.

Care Instructions

Use a laundry bag then machine wash with cold water on a delicate cycle. Dry flat. To avoid staining, wear disposable breast pads when using ointments or lanolin products.

Wash before wearing.

Returns & Exchange

Due to hygiene reasons, exchange and refund are not allowed for products that have been worn. If you are looking to exchange sizes, ensure that the garment is unworn, unwashed, and in its original packaging with all swing tags. Eonian Care has the right to refuse the exchange of an item if it is not resalable. To exchange your bra, please email customerservice@eoniancare.com.au and include your order number and size/colour exchange preference.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Not ideal

    The bra unfortunately doesn't make sense to use. The hole where the pump inserts is very small and hard to set it up. I was hoping to be hands free, but it just doesn't work. I tried multiple times to use it with the pump in, but never had success and gave up. I wish I had more positive things to say! I desperately wanted it to work!

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    Can I wear this bra all day, or is it recommended only for pumping sessions?

    Of course! You can definitely wear this bra all day. While it's made to be super convenient and easy for pumping sessions, it's also comfy enough for everyday wear. The design is smart and practical, making it a great choice whether you're busy with pumping or just going about your day. So, feel free to use it whenever you need a comfy and supportive bra!

    What sizes are available for the Eonian Care Hands-Free Pumping Nursing Bra?

    Eonian Care is pleased to offer a range of sizes for our Hands-Free Pumping Nursing Bra, catering to diverse body types and ensuring a comfortable fit for all mothers. Our sizing options span from Small (S) to Extra Large (XL), allowing you to choose the size that best suits your needs and ensures a supportive and secure fit throughout your breastfeeding journey. We understand the importance of providing inclusive sizing to accommodate the unique requirements of each individual, and we are committed to supporting mothers with a bra that combines functionality, comfort, and convenience in every size we offer.

    What material is the bra made of, and is it breathable?

    The Eonian Care Hands-Free Pumping Nursing Bra is crafted with your comfort in mind, combining practicality with a soft touch. Made from a blend of 10% Spandex and 90% Nylon, this bra ensures a snug fit and gentle support. The breathable nature of the materials allows for adequate airflow, promoting a comfortable and cool experience, even during extended wear. The combination of Spandex and Nylon not only provides flexibility for ease of movement but also offers a durable and long-lasting solution for breastfeeding mothers. Say goodbye to compromise, this bra seamlessly blends comfort and functionality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a breathable and practical nursing bra for everyday use.

    How supportive is the bra during physical activities?

    The Eonian Care Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra is designed with a wide and elastic bottom band, providing excellent support. This design feature is aimed at enhancing comfort and ensuring stability, which is crucial during various activities. However, the website does not provide specific details regarding its performance during high-impact physical activities. For mothers seeking support during such activities, it's recommended to consider this aspect while choosing a nursing bra.

    Does the bra come with an extender?

    Yes, the Eonian Care Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra comes with an extender. This inclusion is particularly helpful as it allows for adjustments to the bra's fit, accommodating changes in breast size that often occur during nursing and pumping phases. The extender ensures that the bra can adapt to various body shapes and sizes, providing added comfort and flexibility. This feature enhances the overall usability and convenience of the bra for nursing mothers.

    How do you clean the Eonian Care Pumping & Nursing Bra?

    The Eonian Care Pumping & Nursing Bra is designed for easy maintenance. It is machine washable, which makes cleaning hassle-free. You should wash it with cold water on a delicate cycle to maintain its quality and longevity. It's also recommended to use a laundry bag to protect the bra during the wash. After washing, it is advised to dry the bra flat, which helps in preserving its shape and elasticity. These care instructions ensure that the bra remains in good condition, providing comfort and support for a longer time.