Do's & Don'ts: Storing Breast Milk in Milk Storage Bags

Every newborn mother should know how to store milk as it is a matter of safety. When milk storage bags leak, breast milk loses its amount, and its composition changes in fat, protein, and overall nutritional content. There's also an added risk of germs and bacteria contaminating the milk and making it unsafe for consumption.

At Eonian Care, we have listed do's and don'ts on proper milk storage so you can get the best out of your stored milk.


Do label your storage bags appropriately. You should always include the date the milk was pumped. Plus, have your and your baby's first and last names on them if you wish to donate them. Donation centres would also appreciate it if you could label the estimated volume.

Do fill storage bags up to their maximum capacity but not to the point of overfilling them. Filling the satchel to its limit helps prevent storing excess air.

Do store milk bags in the freezer as flat as possible. We recommend having a separate container to store and organise milk and arranging them in the order of the earliest date frozen. You must always use or donate the older milk before the recently expressed ones.

Do ensure to remove excess air on the bag before zipping it closed.

Do zip bags securely. You must also double-check if they are completely sealed to avoid leaks and contaminations.

Do have a permanent marker ready on your pumping bag. In addition, keep your writing paraphernalia within reach to accurately label and date your milk bags.


Don't store bags tightly against other items, on their side, or against the door. Bags should be able to sit comfortably, and stuffing them against other things may compromise the storage bags.

Don't overfill your milk bags. We recommend only filling the container to its maximum capacity. When milk freezes, it expands, and if you overfill your bags, they might most likely burst or tear at their seams. For Eonian Care Breast Milk Storage Bags, you can store 200 ml of milk.

Don't forget to double-check if your bag is labelled correctly or sealed before storing and donating.

Don't overlook hygiene practices such as handwashing and sanitising pumping parts when ready to store milk.

Proper milk storage helps us provide safe milk for our fragile infants and lets your baby get the best out of your milk. These tips are also extremely helpful in handling milk you want to donate to other babies.

Eonian Care Milk Bags

The Eonian Care Breast Milk Storage Bags have two pump adapters that easily connect to wide and narrow neck breast pumps. It's a 30-pack pre-sterilised BPA-free set that has a 200ml capacity. They're also safe for fridges and freezers and are self-standing, lightweight, compact, and extra-thick.

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