5 Gifts for Newborn Parents That They'll Love

Do you need Christmas gifts for newborns or their parents this Christmas season? Then, you should check out what Eonian Care has to offer. We have listed five items you can give your loved ones who have babies. So, whether it's for Christmas, birthdays, baptisms, or baby showers, Eonian Care's got it all in store for you.

Baby Wipes

Consider giving baby wipes if you're looking for practical and functional gifts that don't hurt your budget. Trust me; they're a must-have for parents who have babies or toddlers. In addition, baby wipes are usually regular consumption by adults for cleaning up after their kids while they eat, change nappies, or play.

You can consider the Eonian Care Re-heatable Wet + Dry Baby Wipe and Dispenser, as it keeps wipes fresh, warm, and moist. Ensure baby's safety with its food-grade and BPA-free construction while it contains pure wool cotton wipes. Plus, it's microwave-safe, so they can heat their wipes quickly if you prefer warm wipes.

Its one-handed accessibility makes it excellent to use for on-the-go mums.

Eonian Care Ultra Soft Dry Wipe Refill

Nail Trimmer

You can give couples a thoughtful gift for their baby with a handy nail trimmer. Chances are, they're using scissors or regular nail clippers, creating a sharp edge on nails. Babies love to scratch and having long or freshly clipped nails can leave unwanted wounds on their skin.

Introduce a safe way to trim their baby's nails with the Eonian Care Electric Baby Nail Trimmer. This battery-operated device is gentle and painless and easy and fast to use. It has two speeds, four cushioned file pads, and a stylish storage box. These soft pads gently trim the baby's nails without causing pain or discomfort.

eonian care baby nail trimmer

Milk Storage Bags or Bottles

Every mum needs a container to store milk safely. You can offer them something they will use with quality storage bags or bottles. These containers must be food-grade and BPA-free for their little one's safety. They must also be freezer-safe to protect the milk's longevity.

The Eonian Care Breast Milk Storage Bags comes with 30 packs of 200ml pre-sterilised and BPA-free bags and two pump adaptors. These compact and extra-thick bags are easy to connect directly with wide and narrow neck breast pumps while being freezer safe.

You can also get baby parents an Eonian Care Baby Bottles & Feeding Solutions Value Set. This set includes three 180ml magic cups, three 240ml magic cups, six storage lids, two adaptors, a slow-flow teat, a fast-flow teat, and a straw cup conversion top. These bottles are BPA-free and anti-colic, which is safe for their bub and prevents babies from feeling gassy. In addition, they're leak-proof and safe to use on sterilisers, dishwashers, and freezers. This is one of the best gifts to really consider.

eonian care feeding solutions value set


Prevent little ones from getting sick and get them a steriliser. Simply washing and drying baby ware isn't enough. That's why sterilisers are abundant in the market, as mums find it tasking to boil bottles and feeding equipment regularly.

Enjoy the sterilising, drying, and warming features in one piece of equipment with Eonian Care. The Eonian Care Electric Steriliser, Dryer and Baby Bottle Warmer in one is made with BPA-free material, and it automatically switches off when drying so they can ensure their baby's safety. It takes around 10 minutes to sterilise and has a fast defrost feature. The LED display keeps them updated on the heating and disinfecting cycle, making it easier to use.

Eonian Care Steriliser Bottle Warmer Dryer

Smart Double Breast Pump

Give your mum friend a trendy upgrade with a smart double electric breast pump. She might thank you later for its added convenience, as she can now pump both breasts simultaneously.

The Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump is every mum's must-have item as it lets them save time and may even boost their milk yield. It's made from BPA-free material to ensure safety, and it comes in a handy design with a rechargeable battery, neck strap, and convenient USB cable for extra convenience.

eonian care double electric breast pumps on table top

So, what are you waiting for? Give your loved ones only the best gifts from Eonian Care.