When To Use Electric Breast Pumps

Is an electric breast pump a necessity? You might wonder if spending extra moolah on electric breast pumps is worth it.

At Eonian Care, we have listed different types of newborn mums who might find innovative electric double breast pumps helpful. If you identify with one, we suggest that you consider getting one for yourself.


Moms with Pre-Mature Babies

If you have complications with pregnancy, then having a breast pump is essential. For example, a low-weight preterm baby is too weak to suckle, so you need to pump out and express milk. The expressed milk can then be fed in milk bottles or other feeding apparatus.

Working Moms

Most mothers take a few months off and have maternity leave after delivery, and few choose to start working immediately for some crucial reasons. Whether taking a break or starting work right away, we recommend that working moms use an electric breast pump to express milk to ensure that their babies are well-fed.

Moms With Twin Babies

Breastfeeding one baby is tiring. What more if you have two or more babies? Mothers who have twins or feed more babies simultaneously will find smart double electric breast pumps helpful. This set, such as the Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump, allows you to express milk on both breasts simultaneously for a short amount of time.

Moms With Overflowing Milk Supply

Having too much milk on both breasts can feel uncomfortable, and pumps minimize this discomfort, as you can express excess milk and store them in milk bottles or bags for later use. Who knows? Maybe you'd even consider donating your milk supply to those who need it.

Moms Who Want To Get More Free Time

Who can say no to extra time? Even stay-at-home moms or ones with flexible work schedules would agree that they would not spend so much time pumping. We can say that we prefer to spend our time on more enjoyable things. While it's easy for some mums to pump and nurse babies, those who have work schedules have a different experience. An electric breast pump set is vital for working mums. However, any mum will find it mentally and physically beneficial to have more time to spare.

Moms Who Love To Travel

Yes, breastfeeding mums can travel. Having a lightweight electric pump with low noise makes it easy as you can express milk anywhere discreetly. Plus, having portable ones takes less space on your baggage, making it convenient to pack and carry.

Check out the Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump for your pumping needs. The Eonian Care pump set is excellent for on-the-go moms because of its compact and lightweight design. It also pumps simultaneously to express milk as fast as possible compared to single pumps and manual ones.