8 Things to Consider In Choosing Your Breast Pump

There are a lot of wonders that a breast pump can do. It enables newborn mums to provide food for their little ones while saving time and effort, giving freedom to do other things that matter. With a quick pumping session, milk becomes available so you can go on a date, run errands, or start doing light work.

Express milk efficiently with a good breast pump. Eonian Care lists eight things to consider first before buying a breast pump.


Purpose and Frequency of Use

Save time and effort and opt for an electric pump. This device is the most convenient type for mothers who have a busy daily routine. Smart electric pumps, such as the Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Pump, lets you express milk on both breasts simultaneously, giving you more free time than manual pumps or single electric pumps. Plus, it works like a charm if your milk supply is low. We recommend choosing an innovative double electric breast pump for fast and easy pumping.


Manual pumps are the cheapest option, but electric pumps are cost-effective. Manual pumps don't cost you much, but it's tiresome and time-consuming. You'll get more time and energy to do income-generating and valuable work with electric pumps. After all, time is gold.


When choosing a breast pump, you may want to select a closed system pump. These pumps have a barrier between the collection and motor kit and keep outside air from contaminating your breastmilk. Open systems don't have such, which can cause mold growth. These systems are also difficult to clean.

Ease of Use

Pumping should be the least of your worries. To make baby feeding easier, select a breast pump that is smart, portable, lightweight, easy to use and assemble, and not noisy. You should be able to express milk anywhere easily.


It is vital to have flanges that fit you properly to avoid pain or discomfort. Suctioned nipples establish friction with plastic that may cause abrasion and lead to infection. To prevent this from happening, always choose pumps with flanges of various sizes.

The Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump has different-sized flanges and soft massage cushions that provide extra comfort and care.


It would be best to consider how much milk a pump expresses in the least amount of time. Check out your pump's spread and suction strength and determine if it works for you.

Eonian Care gives you easy adjustment of pumping modes and suction strength as you can easily switch from 5-Phase massage mode to 9-Phase expression mode with one touch.


Nobody wants to use a noisy device. We recommend choosing a brand or model with a decibel rating of 50 and below, as these pumps are quiet enough to use inside nurseries, bedrooms, and even in public places without disrupting anyone.

If you haven't found one, you might want to check out Eonian Care Electric Pumps, as it has a noise rating below 45 decibels.


Always invest in quality and durability if it's for your little one. Choose pumps from dependable brands such as Eonian Care. Eonian Care covers you with a two-year replacement warranty. Our intelligent electric breast pump is certified by European Medical Electrical Equipment Standards IEC-60601, giving you extra peace of mind.