9 Considerations When Choosing Baby Bottles

You will soon find yourself bottle-feeding your little one at some point in your baby's life. They cannot breastfeed forever. You may be overwhelmed by many market options with materials, sizes, and shapes of the baby bottle.

At Eonian Care, we will help you select the right bottle for your little one.


Bottle Material


Plastic bottles are the most convenient as they are lightweight and durable. Even if your little one drops one, it won't break. This material's disadvantage is that it tends to deteriorate and needs replacement when there are visible signs of depreciation. These signs include cracks, leaks, deep scratches, discolouration, and foul odour.

When selecting plastic bottles, make sure they're new, BPA-free, and from reputable brands. Some plastic bottles contain BPA, a dangerous substance not allowed in baby products.


Silicone bottles may be more expensive than plastic bottles. Food-grade silicone is BPA free, lightweight, and flexible. If you're baby drops one, it'll probably bounce. The downside of this material is that your little one might squeeze into the bottle and increase the milk pressure during feeding.


Glass bottles are durable and naturally free from BPA. However, these are heavy and breakable. If you want added protection when using glass bottles, you must purchase silicone sleeves to protect you and your baby from breakage.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bottles are lightweight, durable, and also BPA-free. However, this range is the priciest on the market. You must also note that this material isn't transparent or translucent, unlike other materials, so you can't see how much milk is on the bottle.

Disposable Plastic Liners

Liners might be convenient, but they're costly in the long run as they are single-use and disposable. They work by filling them with milk and popping them in a bottle.

Made with food-grade PP material, the Eonian Care Baby Bottles are also BPA-free and transparent, making it safe and easy for mums to write on cups to track dates and manage contents.

Bottle Shapes


Standard bottles are tall and upright. They are typically easy to fill and clean.


Angled bottles have a bend at the neck, so milk conveniently collects at the bottom. This design prevents your baby from swallowing air. However, they're tasking and cumbersome to fill and clean.


Wide Bottles has a shape that mimics a breast. They are compatible with wide and short nipples.

Baby Bottle Size

Bottles usually come in small sizes (around 120ml) and large (240ml) sizes. Small bottles are ideal for newborn babies as they consume only 60-90ml per feed. However, babies grow out of them so quickly that you must have large bottles on deck.

Get multiple-sized bottles for your growing bub when you purchase the Eonian Care Baby Bottles & Feeding Solutions Value Set. It comes with three 180ml and three 240ml magic cups

Nipple Materials


Latex is softer and more flexible than silicone. It tends to wear out more quickly, and some babies may be allergic to it.


Silicone is firmer and more durable than latex.

In general, you should always take note of your bottle nipples' condition, as you must replace them once signs of wear appear. These signs of wear might be thinning, discolouration, cracking, tearing, or becoming sticky. Another indication to look out for is when the milk flows faster in the nipple than before.

The Eonian Care's soft silicone teat promotes an easy latch-on for babies. Its ventilation hole prevents excessive air intake, so little ones avoid being gassy and having an uncomfortable tummy.

Nipple Shapes

Nipple shapes usually fall into three categories. Narrow and Longer nipples are traditional, while the broader and shorter ones mimic the shape of the breast. The last one is flat on one side, designed to mimic sucking on a mom's breast, which may be a better fit for a bub's mouth.

Nipple Levels

Baby bottle nipples are categorised into three levels: Slow (Stage 1), Medium (Stage 2), and Fast (Stage 3). These levels refer to the different milk flow speeds or how quickly your little one can consume the milk out of the bottle.

Newborns usually start with a slow level 1 nipple, and they progress as they grow and can take on a faster flow.

The Eonian Care Baby Bottles & Feeding Solutions Value Set has a slow and fast flow teat. The set also comes with a straw cup conversion top so your kids can improve their feeding behaviour as they grow.


Bottle-feeding your baby with breastmilk or formula milk creates a chore called bottle washing. You will find yourself washing lots of bottles which may be your least favourite among your parenting chores.

The Eonian Care Baby Bottle Set is dishwasher and steriliser safe, making parts easier to clean and store.


Having several spare bottles are convenient as you won't find yourself constantly washing used bottles all the time. If you want to own a decent number of bottles, make sure they are easy to store.

Experience the fun and convenience as you stack, mix, and match lids with the Eonian Care Baby Bottles & Feeding Solutions Value Set.


We recommend opting for containers that are compatible with your breast pump. Bottles compatible with pumps allow direct attachment and let you express milk straight into the bottle. This setup makes it extremely helpful and easy to store in the fridge, or you can quickly place a nipple during mealtime.

Get a hassle-free feeding experience. The Eonian Care Feeding set allows you to swap adaptors, storage lids, and more to create a more comfortable routine. You can pump, store, and feed milk all in one container.