What Every Newborn Mum Must Know - Taking Care of Your Baby

Being a parent is one sleepless night after another. It is forever learning the art of burrito wrapping and lots and lots of stinky nappies. But we’ve got a few tips that make baby conundrum much easier. And below, we’ve put together our top lists on what every newborn mum must know.

1. Baby Sleep

A newborn sleeping dilemma comes from the fact that they were inside the womb, where it’s always dark and comfy and still used to that environment. Once they come to our world, they’ll have to adjust the changes in light. Having soft lights in your room turned on during the day, and keeping it dim by night will help your newborn adjust to the difference between mornings and evenings.

Also, resist the urge to kiss your child’s chubby little cheeks when they need to go to sleep. They may take it as a cue that you want to play with them, or it’s lunchtime.

2. Sleep deprivation no more!

There must be some sorcery as every newborn kind of knows when you’re going to sleep and will start crying. The constant lack of sleep makes you feel tired and irritable, and you’d want to avoid that. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Get as much rest as you can so you’ll feel fresh, energised, and ready for the day when you’re awake.

3. The Art of Wrapping the Baby

How hard can it be to wrap a baby in a cloth burrito? There’s some sort of science to it so that your baby feels safe and comfortable as it can be. There are different ways to wrap your little one. It is important to remember that proper swaddling is essential because it makes the little one feel at peace and secure. With a good wrapping, they’ll fall asleep quicker, and you can catch up with some sleep, too!

4. Hold thy baby properly

Our top 4 list on what every newborn mum must know is how to hold a baby. When holding a baby, make sure that their fragile neck is supported. This can be done by cradling the baby in your arms or having one of your hands under their head. An infant’s neck muscles are too weak to hold their head up, so you’ve got to support them as much as you can.

mum holds her baby

5. Watch out for the umbilical cord!

The most important thing in the umbilical cord is that it should always be clean and dry. The baby should only have sponge baths until the cord dries or falls off, which might take more than ten days or so. You can switch to the tubs after the cord has fallen off on its own. If you see any infection or yellowish discharge, foul smell, it’s a sign to see the doctor.

6. Slippery baby

A baby’s skin is super soft, and it can be really tricky after taking a bath. That’s why you must be extra careful while removing the baby from the bathtub. The safe way to do it is by grasping the baby under their arms using both your hands while supporting their head and neck. It’s also important to note that babies don’t need baths every day. If they do, their soft and sensitive skin can get dried out, or worse, have rashes or irritations. Most doctors recommend doing baths only three times a week until your little one starts moving on their own.

7. Nappy changing superpowers

Here’s a task every parent should be a pro at in no time. It’s not the most complicated thing in the world. Just remove the soiled nappy and replace a fresh, clean one in its place. But there are some essential things to remember. For example, always wash your hands first and afterward to prevent getting bacteria on the baby. Always remember to wipe front to back. Make sure that the baby’s skin is clean and dry before putting on a nappy to avoid diaper rash. Having a rash ointment ready is always a must.

8. Feeding

If a mum opts to breastfeed, then there are some useful tricks when it comes to a baby’s mealtime. As far as positioning goes, there are different ones such as side-lying, cradle position, football hold, laid back position, cross-cradle position. Mums can choose whichever way is more comfortable and safe for the baby.

If you’re having problems with breastfeeding, pumping bras and breast pumps are your best of friends. Pumping plays a crucial role in maintaining the breastmilk supply of your newborn. Pumping bras are perfect for mums who need to multitask and need to get other things done. The Eonian Care electric breast pumps will help you get express milk comfortably. It securely fits and holds most pump flanges, and you can switch effortlessly from pumping to nursing with a simple click of a clip.

Breast pumps are also every mum’s must-have, as breastfeeding isn’t always easy. Breast pumps do the trick by helping mums produce milk. The Eonian Care Smart Electric Breast Pump is one of the best in the Australian market with its rechargeable battery, soft massage cushion, flexible pumping settings, stylish design, and other features. It is easy to clean and designed for convenience.

9. Baby massages and nail trims

Infant massages are essential because it makes their bones and muscles stronger. It is also a fantastic way to bond with your little one. Lay your baby in a towel placed on a bed or a cushion. Opt to use organic or vegetable-based oil. Start with the legs, move to the arms, massage the chest, and finally on to the baby’s back.

If the babies’ nails get too long, dirt can accumulate under their fingernails, and they might scratch their face and arms. A baby nail trimmer is the safest choice compared to scissors and nail clippers which leave sharp nail edges. Eonian Care offers an Electric Baby Nail Trimmer that safely and gently files your baby’s soft fingernails without pain and without the risk of accidentally cutting their skin. This battery-operated device features two speeds and various file pads depending on your little one’s age.

baby nail trimmer from eonian care

Raising a baby is safer and more manageable with Eonian Care. We provide all the stuff you may need right at your doorstep. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our small guide or tips on what every newborn mum must know.