Easy Sterilising Techniques - Cleaning Baby Bottles


Sterilising baby bottles are an essential step for every mom with babies. With a baby’s immune system not yet fully developed paired with a young set of digestive tracts, it is important to watch what goes into their mouths. Sterilising is an extra step mothers do for peace of mind.

There are two ways to sterilise baby items properly:

Classical Boiling Method

This method involves everyday kitchen items in the house. After washing the bottles and teats with soap and warm water, place the wash-and-rinse parts on a pot. Fill the pan and make sure that everything is covered in water so that there will be fewer air bubbles. Set the pot on top of the burner and boil for about five minutes or so. Afterwards, turn off the stove and allow the water to cool down. Remove the items with clean tongs and place them on a clean, unused paper towel in an area with no dirt and dust. Allow these to air dry thoroughly before storing. It is important to remember not to wipe the bottles with dish towels. In doing so, you may transfer the germs back on the items.

easy boiling method sterilising baby bottles and baby bottle teats

The classical boiling method has its downsides since it is more prone to human error. Getting the right temperature is essential. If it is not hot enough, germs may not be completely killed. Some plastic bottles are also not suitable for boiling. These bottles are not made of high-quality plastics and are not meant for boiling. These may be deformed or, worse, might be dangerous for your little ones.


Using a steriliser is easier and faster since you can sterilise multiple bottles at a single time. Steam is used to kill 99.9% of harmful germs without using any chemicals. All you need to do is arrange the washed bottles, teats, and other accessories and turn the device on. The appliance switches off automatically after approximately ten minutes once sterilising is complete. New models have a digital LCD that makes monitoring easier.

Some sterilisers, such as the Eonian Care’s 2 in 1 Electric Baby Bottle Warmer & Steriliser , come with a bottle warmer that gently heats the milk for your little one. Unlike traditional warming, these bottle warmers prevent the occurrence of hot spots. Bottles warmed at 40℃ will remain heated until your precious one is hungry and ready to drink.

Enoian care steriliser and bottle warmer, bottle warmer being used on white background

Other baby bottle sterilizers also include a dryer such as the Eonian Care Steriliser, Warmer and Dryer. Unlike traditional air-dry techniques that may contaminate the bottles, these dryers are equipped with carbon and HEPA air filters that ensure germ-free drying. Germs tend to breed more when items are not dried properly or when wiped dry with a paper towel.

Eonian Care Electric Steriliser and Dryer on table top

Every mother should note that bottles should be cleaned after feeding as bacteria tend to grow quicker on reused bottles. Sanitizing baby items once a day is vital for those who are younger than three months, born prematurely, or those who have a weak immune system.