10 Baby Feeding Tips – Quick Guide For New Parents

Tip # 1 – The importance of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is ideal during the first six months of an infant’s life. Breast milk provides antibodies, antimicrobial enzymes, brain-boosting acid, and other substances essential for a baby’s development. For mums who are incapable of breastfeeding, formula milk also does well. It is necessary, however, to choose the right dairy recommended by your doctor and avoid soy-based products.

Mother breast feeding baby

Tip # 2 – When to introduce solid food

For babies six months and older, solid food can then be offered as a meal substitute. These “solids” should still be “liquid” in texture since babies can’t chew. Grain and vegetables must be introduced first before fruits and higher protein foods so babes can be accustomed to the different tastes.

Tip # 3 – Breastfeeding Positions

Changing breastfeeding positions from time to time is a good idea to allow mum’s breasts to prevent certain conditions like mastitis. It also allows the breasts to be entirely empty. What’s important is to avoid hunching over the infant or have the babe’s body and head facing in different directions.

Tip # 4 – Meal amount

An infant is eating well if he or she uses up a lot of nappies with dilute urine. Also, regularly determine your baby’s weight through check-ups. If the baby is underweight, meal consumption must also increase. Breastfed babies often nurse every two hours in the first weeks. If a baby turns away from the food or spits it back, the baby is most probably full.

Tip # 5 – Produce more milk through breast pumps

Produce more milk for precious ones with breast pumps. In fact, every mum must own one. Breast pumps come in different packages and types. Always remember to check and choose BPA-free pumps made of medical grade materials for a safe baby feeding moment with your little angel.

Eonian Care offers portable smart electric pumps with a rechargeable battery, neck strap and handy USB cable that allow you to charge and pump on the go. Additionally, these pumps produce more milk, work faster, are lightweight, comfortable and have flexible pumping settings.

breast pump for breastmilk pumping from eonian care

Tip # 6 – Try out pumping bras

For mums who pump frequently, a pumping bra is necessary. A pumping bra helps hold equipment and makes hands free to move around. In short, owning one will make pumping easier, more comfortable, and more convenient compared to going by without one.

Eonian Care’s hands-free and nursing bra is one of the most comfortable in the market with its soft and breathable fabric. Its elastic bottom band has excellent support and fitting with different sizes and colours to choose from. It is a must have baby feeding accessory.

Tip # 7 – Clean and sterilise

Babies have weaker immune systems than adults. Everything that baby puts inside their mouths must be clean and sterile. Eonian Care’s steriliser, not only kills bacteria but also works as a bottle warmer with a BPA free material and an automatic switch function when drying up. It sterilises in as fast as 10 minutes and holds up to four bottles and accessories.

Tip # 8 – Packright

Pack all the baby’s needs and opt to purchase a baby bag instead of regular ones. Baby bags are spacious and conveniently designed to fit bottles, nappies, and other stuff that are needed when going out.

Eonian Care offers an on-the-go cooler bag that is ergonomically designed to store breast milk and ensures that this stays warm or cool for up to four hours. It has two compartments where you can conveniently place the bottles on one side and the pump on the other.

Tip # 9 – Save money and buy accessories

Save more money and only buy what you need. Sometimes, mums tend to buy another set when they can purchase some accessories.

Products from Eonian Care come with compatible accessories to make it more convenient for mums to only get what they need. Whether they might need a baby bag, breast shields, pump massage cushion, nail trimmer replacement pads, cylinders, and more, Eonian has it all in-store.

eonian care baby stuff products

Tip # 10 – Take care of your diet

Last but not least for our 10 baby feeding tips, always choose to eat healthily. Be careful of food that triggers allergies and stay away from caffeine. Remember that as a breastfeeding mum, what you eat is also what the baby eats. A healthy mother means a healthy baby, indeed!