What Every Newborn Mum Must Have – Best Essential Checklist

Newborn mums are truly modern-day heroes. The ability to give and nurture life is one of the most significant responsibilities a woman can take. That’s why on this battlefield, you are not alone. And for this reason, we listed several “weapons” you might need to take on life’s toughest challenges… baby feeding. Below, is our checklist for every newborn mum must have.

Loads of bibs and burp cloths

Having a newborn means lots of burps, spits, sneezes, milk dribbles, sneezes, and more. Make sure to have loads of bibs and burp cloths within your reach 24/7. It should be noted that an estimated number of eight to 14 bibs and burp cloths might do the trick depending on how often you do laundry.

Milk storage containers

Don’t miss your bub’s feeding schedule. Milk storage containers store your excess milk and let you have milk on-the-go. Even when you’re not around, you can make sure that little one gets all the milk he or she needs. Therefore, put this in your newborn mum must have checklist.

Must-try: The Eonian Care Baby Bottles ($34.95) are BPA-free, leak-proof, and easy to clean. Moreover, they are steriliser-safe, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, and convenient to pack and organize. These bottles are also anti-colic, which reduces air swallowed during feeding, so your bub feels less gassy. For a comfortable feed, slow-flow, medium-flow, and fast-flow teats with screw rings are also available and compatible with the bottles.

Plus, you can save money and avoid buying a new tumbler bottle as your little one grows up. An Eonian Care Feeding Solutions Baby Straw Cup Top is on hand and compatible with all Eonian Care’s bottles!

Breast Pumps

If you have trouble nursing, the best way to get that much-needed milk supply is a quality breast pump. Breast pumps increase milk supply and can be manual or electric. Or, if you are busy and need to pack your baby’s meal for the day, a breast pump can speed up the process. Putting this one in your newborn mum must have checklist? Absolutely!

Must-try: The Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump is one of the best pumps in the market. It is rechargeable, portable, and equipped with different massage modes. Not only is it BPA-free and medical-grade, it is also super quiet and stylish, making it a chic must-have for every modern mum.

What every newborn mum must have is this Eonian Care Breast Pump

Steriliser, Dryer, and Warmer

Prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases from tap water, uncleaned milk remains, and contact from unwashed hands in your milk containers. Having a baby bottle steriliser, dryer, and warmer gives you peace of mind against possible sickness and hospitalization.

Did you know that a quality bottle steriliser kills 99.9% of bacteria in minutes?

Must-try: The Eonian Care Electric Steriliser, Dryer, and Baby Bottle Warmer is an ultimate 3-in-1 hygienic solution! It’s made with BPA-free material and comes with an automatic switch for safe drying. It could also hold up to six bottles with feeding accessories for an easy and quick clean.

what every newborn mum must have is Eonian Care bottle warmer, steriliser and dryer 3 in 1

On-The-Go Bag

Pack all your necessities and make sure you have all the stuff you need in one go. A regular bag might do the trick but having a bag designed for newborn mums makes all the difference. You’ll get the size and compartments you need for all the knick-knacks you might need along the way.

Must-try: Are you an on-the-go breastfeeding mum? Pack your Eonian Breast Pump with the Eonian Care On-the-go Companion Cooler Bag ($34.95). It holds up to 6 Eonian Care magic cups with two convenient compartments for the breast pump and other accessories. With its quality, you can use it for years as it’s constructed with a sturdy oxford fabric with a BPA free, easy to clean, food-grade waterproof inner layer.

eonian care baby bottle cooler bag

Nursing Pillow

Give your baby a better latch and access to your milk with a nursing pillow. Generally, a good position is when they are a little lower than your breast as they snuggle. So if you find it hard to position your baby, you may want to try and get one.

Pumping Bras

As you breastfeed, experiencing discomfort and soreness is quite common. You might need a pumping bra that fits well and lets you nurse easily. Skip the pain and get yourself an excellent pumping bra. Undoubtedly, your body will thank you for it!

Must-try: Multi-task while pumping with Eonian Care Hands-free Pumping & Nursing Bra ideal for busy mums. The Eonian Care bra fits comfortably with wireless cups, extra wide bands, and breathable material. Change effortlessly from a pumping bra to a seamless bra with a simple clip-on — no wardrobe changes necessary! This is one of the newborn mum must have that we recommend.

Breast Pads

Breast or nursing pads absorb milk leaks during feeding. It’s helpful to have these pads inside your bra to keep your clothes dry. Different styles, shapes, sizes, and colours are available in the market and can either be reusable or disposable.

Must-try: Skip disposable nursing pads and try the Eonian Care Breast Milk Collector Nipple Shield. These breathable nipple shields will make sure that every drop of your precious milk is collected in a relaxed manner. It comes with a food-grade, ultra-slim structure that is easy to use and clean. Save the environment and make every drop of milk count!

Cream for sore nipples

Sore nipples are one of the most common problems every mum encounters. These are usually caused by poor-fitting flanges (funnels) or improper use of breast pumps. To alleviate soreness, experts recommend nipple creams made from pure lanolin for skin moisture and healing. Lanolin is safe for your baby, so you don’t have to worry about adequately washing it off before breastfeeding.

Must-try: Always use correct flange sizes and check out the Eonian Care Two Large Size Breast Shields Complete Kit for your pumps. Undoubtedly, you can also make pumping more comfortable with the Eonian Care Breast Pump Massage Cushion Accessory to reduce nipple discomfort.

Nail Trimmer

Prevent accidental finger wounds and sharp-edged nails when clipping with the good nail trimmer. According to experts, nail files are a better choice than nail clips as they are safer and more comfortable for your little one.

Must-try: The Eonian Care Electric Baby Nail Trimmer is a gentle and painless solution when your baby’s nails are beginning to grow sharp and long. It’s quiet and fast with 2-speed switches and four different filing discs. You can also get Replacement File Pads every three-months for an optimum nail trimming experience.


Who doesn’t have baby wipes? Every mum in Australia must probably have baby wipes in their bags. Baby wipes give you a quick and easy clean during eating, playing, and diaper changing. The wiping possibilities are endless!

Must-try: Upgrade your regular baby wipes with the Re-heatable Wet + Dry Pure Water Baby Wipes from Eonian Care. These wipes are made with pure wool cotton that is chemical and fragrance-free!

In addition, you can also have the option if you want it wet or dry. To reheat your wipes, Eonian Care also offers a Portable Baby Wipe Bottle Warmer with three heat settings. Techy, right?

So, these are the things that every newborn mum must have. Browse to our wide selection of must-have baby items for first-time mums.