9 Fun Facts About Breastfeeding You Might Not Know

Breastfeeding Mums

1. Breastfeeding mums burn tons of calories every day!

Our first on the list for fun facts about Breastfeeding is, breastfeeding burns between 400 and 600 per day. That’s like the calories you burn with a 30-minute walk. When you excess milk, you’re using the fat cells stored in your body and the calories from what you ate. This is the reason why you’re most likely to lose weight or tend to eat more food.

2. Breastfeeding mums get “feel good” hormones.

Like kisses, hugs, massages, and exercise, another breastfeeding fun fact is that, breastfeeding triggers the brain to release prolactin and oxytocin (the happy hormones). No wonder you feel calm, content and peaceful whenever you breastfeed!

3. Breastfeeding mums are less likely to have postpartum depression and breast cancer.

Studies show that women who breastfeed have a reduced risk of developing PPD. It doesn’t end there! According to research, for every 12 months a mum breastfeeds, her risk of developing breast cancer decreases by 4.3%.

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4. Breastmilk is simply the best and amazing.

There is so much going on with breastmilk. A few days after birth, the breasts produce milk called the “colostrum” or the “liquid gold”. Colostrum is yellowish and has more calcium, minerals, and proteins compared to the usual breastmilk. That’s why colostrum is very vital to newborns. But don’t count the regular breastmilk out just yet. Even regular breastmilk is filled with so many goodies already like live cells, proteins, amino acids, oligosaccharides, enzymes, growth factors, happy hormones, long-chain fatty acids, microRNAs, and RNA. These substances boost the baby’s immune system, help organs develop and heal, aids in digestion, and contribute to physical and mental development, and more. The list could go on and on!

5. Breastmilk makes your bub sleepy.

Babies need lots of sleep. And breastfeeding mums do too! That’s why you can get your much-needed rest when your bub is also napping. According to scientists, the cholecystokinin, serotonin, and melatonin in breastmilk help develop your little one’s circadian cycles, leading to longer sleep stretches. That’s good for you and your baby!

6. Breastmilk flavour is affected by what you eat.

Have you ever tried eating lots of garlic and feeling like you can smell it in your milk afterward? That’s because your milk is affected by what you eat, and babies can taste it too! Experiments suggest that babies love garlic, vanilla, and bananas as these account for longer feeding times. It’s incredible to think that babies already have preferences! And this is for our fun facts about breastfeeding top 6.

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Breastfeeding Bubs

7. Bubs can see you when you nurse.

Added to our breastfeeding fun fact list is that babies tend to be peeking at you with their fuzzy, adorable eyes. That’s because they can see figures 8 to 15 inches away. By two weeks, they might even start to recognize you. So if you’re nursing or snuggling, your bub is most likely to stare at you lovingly. Such a precious moment indeed!

close up shot of a breastfeeding bub

8. Bubs know the smell of your breastmilk.

Babies know what you and your breastmilk smell. That’s why whenever they go hungry, they know where to turn their heads.

9. Bubs will all go through a growth spurt.

Brace yourselves and your breasts. Babies all go through a growth spurt where they will want to be breastfed more frequently. You’ll never even know when it’ll start. But you don’t have to worry when this time comes. Your breasts will surprisingly take the hint and increase in fat content.

So, these are cool and amazing fun facts about breastfeeding, right? Simply, mums are the best and our modern-day heroes.

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