Nail Clippers vs Electric Nail Trimmers: What to Choose for Baby

Trimming a baby’s nails can be intimidating, especially for new mums and dads. Placing anything sharp near your bub’s hands can make any parent nervous, especially with the thought of accidentally nicking their skin. 

It can be a difficult task, but clipping those teeny tiny nails is important because baby fingernails grow surprisingly fast. Our little ones can easily scratch and cut themselves, especially around the face, and it’s also important to prevent dirt and grime from creeping up beneath the nail. 

Nail Clippers vs Electric Nail Trimmers

You can use several tools to trim your baby’s nails, including nail scissors and nail files. But the most popular types are baby nail clippers and electric nail trimmers.

Baby nail clippers are the traditional choice for cutting tiny nails. These look just like adult nail clippers but tend to have a wider handle so adults can grip them easily. They also have duller, overlapping blades to ensure a safe cut.

Electric baby nail trimmers, on the other hand, are battery operated trimmers that file the nails easily and efficiently. It’s an excellent choice for fussy bubs and nervous parents as it’s painless and easy to operate.

Choosing which tool to use between the two is ultimately up to mum and dad, but first time parents might benefit from using electric baby nail trimmers on their newborns, especially for the first few months. Even if you’re extra careful, accidentally snipping a baby’s fingertip with a baby nail clipper can still happen.

The Eonian Care Electric Baby Nail Trimmer is designed to be gentle and safe for your little one’s hands and feet. It is extremely quiet with an anti slip edge and a 2 speed switch so you can file baby’s nails quickly. Not only is it great for newborns, but it also comes with four cushioned file pads so that you can use it up to baby’s 12th month and beyond.

When to cut baby fingernails

There’s no set time on when to start cutting a baby’s fingernails, but it’s best to trim them whenever they get long. Baby nails grow faster than adults’ and typically require cutting around once a week. Some infants are born with long fingernails, so it’s best to file those immediately. However, you’ll notice that toenails don’t grow as quickly in the first few months, so they might not need trimming as often as fingernails.

Try and trim your little one’s nails right after bathing since this is the time when they are softer than usual. You can also file them while the baby sleeps, as they’re more still and less likely to make a fuss. Make sure you have plenty of light so you can see well, and if you’re not feeling confident, have another person hold your baby while you trim. 

How to file bub’s nails

Press the pad of your bub’s finger down and away from the nail, which helps you avoid nicking the skin. Using the Eonian Care Electric Baby Nail Trimmer, start filing and following the natural curve of the finger. 

For toenails, trim straight across to avoid ingrown nails, which can be painful for your little one. Avoid trimming the nails too close to the nail bed, and make sure to keep the nail edges rounded.

If you notice your little one becoming uncomfortable and getting squirmy during the process, stop. It’s perfectly alright to continue some other time when you’re both ready to try again. You can also keep your electric nail trimmer in your bag to use whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. Good luck!