Breast Pump Parts: Everything You Need to Know

Mums who’ve committed to breastfeeding know how invaluable breast pumps are. From providing extra stimulation that helps increase milk supply to ensuring that your little one will always have liquid gold even when you’re away, breast pumps allow mums to accomplish other tasks while still being able to give their bub’s primary needs.

As mum’s tiny little helper, you want to ensure your breast pump works at its best. To do that, you’ll need to know the parts that make these devices work.

Breast Shields

Breast Shields

Breast shields, also called breast flanges, are the parts that come in contact with the skin during pumping sessions. These rest directly on the breast and form the seal that uses suction to express breast milk; hence, using the correct breast shield size is necessary for a comfortable pumping experience. 

To determine the right size, gently place the breast shield against your chest and centre your nipple in the funnel. Begin pumping for a few minutes. You’ll know if you are using the correct size if your nipples are able to move freely and easily within the funnel, with little or no areola tissue inside.

If you experience pain or sore nipples after pumping, it may mean that the standard sized breast shield is not the right fit for you. Eonian Care offers small sized massage cushions that reduce the standard 24mm breast shield to 21mm, as well as 28mm and 32mm breast shields.


Most breast pumps come with tubing. This breast pump part is crucial as it ensures optimal suction during a pumping session. The tubes will look different depending on whether you have a single or double electric breast pump.

Backflow Protectors

As the name implies, backflow protectors keep the breast pump motor separate from the other parts that come in contact with breast milk. These prevent the breast pump from getting damaged and ensure the liquid gold is not contaminated, entering only the breast pump parts designed for collection.

Valves and Connectors

Valves and connectors work with backflow protectors to keep the breast pump parts together without letting contaminants into breast milk. These parts typically connect breast shields to the storage container and tubing, and separate them from the motor. If you need to replace the valve on your Eonian Care breast pump, the brand offers a Breast Pump Valve Accessory to ensure the smooth flow of breast milk from the pump to the bottle.


This breast pump part plays an important role in vacuum suction and keeps breast milk germ-free. Cylinders act as a barrier to prevent air, moisture, and milk from entering the pump tubing, preserving the nutrition in liquid gold. Over time, the performance of your silicone cylinder naturally decreases, so consider getting the Eonian Care Breast Pump Silicone Cylinder Accessory as a replacement.

Storage Containers

Whether you’re using a baby bottle, storage bag, or container, the role of this breast pump part is to collect expressed breast milk. The Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump comes with a wide-neck feeding bottle, but it can also be connected to the Eonian Care Breast Milk Storage Bags for easy fridge and freezer storage. It’s the perfect solution to collect and store liquid gold after every pumping session. 

Breast pumps are crucial for giving your little one your precious milk, so caring for the parts and properly cleaning them are essential to keep your baby safe and healthy. These tools are not immune to wear and tear, so you must replace the parts regularly. You’ll also need to clean and sanitise your pump between uses. Click here for our guide!