5 Features Mums Love in the Eonian Care Breast Pump

If you’ve committed to breastfeeding, then you might also need a breast pump. While direct latching is ideal, a breast pump allows you to take a break and rest or accomplish other tasks. It’s also helpful should you ever need to be away from your baby for a short period.

Choosing the right breast pump for you will depend on your needs and lifestyle. But if you’re looking for the best breast pump in Australia, look no further than the Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump. Mums who’ve discovered and started using it can’t recommend it enough and for many good reasons. Here are some of them:

  1. Strong suction power

The Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump is a hospital-grade pump that offers up to -300 mmHg of suction power. It allows simultaneous pumping with convenient pumping mode and suction strength adjustment. Easily switch from the 5-phase massage mode to the 9-phase expression mode with one touch.

“Excellent pump! I was a bit concerned [about] taking a risk to get this at first because no one knew the brand. But now I’m not regretting it at all. It’s amazing – so handy with [the] pocket sized motor, and it’s really powerful. It boosted my milk production, and I’m happy pumping. The set is just so worth it!” —Shalini Chandaran

  1. Handy and portable

Apart from getting dual-action, another reason mums love this breast pump is its handy size and portability. It comes with a rechargeable battery, neck strap, and a USB cable so you can charge and pump on the go!

“If I could give this more stars, I would! I love this breast pump. The pump is so small and portable that it has made pumping so easy for this first time mum. It’s so simple to use and very comfortable. I can get a full bottle expressed in 5 minutes! I cannot recommend it enough.” — Mccullov

  1. Triggers letdown and boosts milk yield

Thanks to the powerful motor, breast milk can easily be expressed by the Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump. For mums with an abundant supply, it can help to fully empty the breasts and avoid breastfeeding problems like mastitis. On the other hand, mums with low milk supply can still benefit from this breast pump, as the extra stimulation can trigger letdown and help in milk production.

“So happy with this pump compared to the previous brands I’ve owned. The five level massage option is very effective at triggering my letdown (which I had found difficult previously with pumps with a single letdown function). Plus, it’s so light and comfortable to use, and the battery life is excellent. I was hesitant to buy given that Eonian is a lesser known brand and there weren’t many reviews, so I wanted to share my positive experience for others who are considering this pump.” —Rosanna Alexander

  1. Quiet and efficient

When choosing a breast pump, it helps to purchase one with a quiet motor so as not to disturb your little one or other people, especially when you’re expressing milk in public. Eonian Care’s breast pump is super quiet at less than 45 decibels when pumping, so you can easily express milk without worry. It also comes with a LED night light so you can pump milk in the evenings without disturbing your baby.

“I highly recommend my new breast pump from Eonian Care. It is so efficient. I love how small and quiet it is so I can express at work discreetly and not have to carry a huge bag around with me!” —@smile_sweet_darlings

  1. Stylish and safe

With so many brands out there, you’ll want a breast pump that will give you peace of mind while using it. The Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump is not only BPA free, ti also has a patented closed-design system certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia and the European Medical Electrical Equipment Standards. Plus, with its dusty pink hue, it’s one of the prettiest and most stylish breast pumps out there, definitely a plus in mum’s book! 

“How beautiful is this breast pump? This one is a beautiful dusty pink, and the colour is everything, right? I thought the current one I have had all the features I needed until I discovered this one!” —@northants.families

When it comes to choosing the best breast pump in Australia, mum reviews are a big help, but you’ll also want to find a breast pump that meets your specific needs, including pumping frequency, noise level, and portability. Fortunately, our breast pump meets all these requirements! If you’re looking for a companion device that is comfortable and portable, with the ability to aid in milk expression and production, then no doubt the Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump is the one for you.