A Breastfeeding Mum’s Guide To Replacing Breast Pump Parts

Finding the right breast pump for you is just the beginning of your breastfeeding journey. You might not be aware, but you’ll need to replace breast pump parts regularly to maintain optimum performance. If you notice that your breast pump is not working as well as when you first bought it, or if suction power has decreased, then you’ll need to take a closer look at the parts to examine possible damage.

When should you replace breast pump parts?

Breast pumps are not immune to wear and tear – membranes can get torn or stretched out, and you’ll need to replace various parts regularly. Here’s a guide to the different breast pump parts you must replace periodically.

Breast shields

Breast Shield | Eonian Care

Breast shields are the parts that come in contact with the skin during pumping sessions. Replace them every 6 months, or sooner if you notice any buildup of residue, as well as cracks or tears. Eonian Care offers small sized massage cushions that reduce the standard 24mm breast shield to 21mm, as well as 28mm and 32mm breast shields.


Breast Pump Valve Accessory | Eonian Care

Valves stretch and release each time the pump motor pulls at it, creating the suction that removes breast milk from your breasts. They work with backflow protectors to keep the breast pump parts together without letting contaminants get to the breast milk. 

These valves can be replaced every 4 weeks if you express milk 3 or more times a day. If you pump less, you can replace valves after 8 to 12 weeks. Replace as needed if you notice any damages or cracks in your valves. Check out Eonian Care’s Pump Valve Accessory if you need to replace yours.

Backflow protectors

This breast pump part prevents breast milk and moisture from entering the tubing. Consider replacing them every 3 months if you pump 3 or more times daily. If you pump fewer times than this, replace every 6 months. Replace this breast pump part immediately if it has been torn or stretched out.

Backflow Protectors | Eonian Care


These connect your pump motor to other breast pump parts and bottles. For tubing, replacing it every 3 to 6 months is recommended. If you see signs of mould, don’t bother trying to clean your tubing. Replace it immediately. If breast milk or moisture gets in the pump, consider replacing the tubing because it can damage the motor.


Breast Pump Silicone Cylinder Accessory | Eonian Care

Depending on cleaning and use, cylinders should be replaced every 8 to 12 weeks. That’s because this breast pump part plays an important role in vacuum suction and keeps breast milk germ-free. 

If you notice a tear, then it must be replaced immediately. Replacing the silicone cylinder will help maintain the efficiency and functionality of your breast pump and ensure optimal pumping experience. Eonian Care offers a Breast Pump Silicone Cylinder Accessory that you can purchase as needed.

Baby bottles

Baby Bottles | Eonian Care

Most breast pumps express milk straight to a bottle. Like any other breast pump part, these should be replaced when they start leaking, become chipped or cracked. Make sure to check baby bottle nipples, as these are typically made from soft silicone and may tear easily. Check out the Eonian Care Baby Bottles and Feeding Solutions Value Set that comes with BPA free, anti colic bottles with food grade silicone nipples. These grow with your baby as you can conveniently swap adaptors, storage lids, and feeding tops to store milk, food and more!

It’s crucial to care for your breast pump and replace breast pump parts regularly, not only to maintain its efficacy but also for hygienic reasons. Remember that every drop of your breast milk is precious, so you should do everything you can to preserve your milk supply. You can do it, mum!