Benefits of Using Silicone Food Catching Bibs

Join the innovative trend and introduce your little one to food-catching bibs. These modern bibs are durably made from silicone and come with a crumb catcher design. The pocket sticks out at the bottom of the bib, catching food that your bub drops.

One of the most challenging tests you’ll face as a mother is feeding your baby. Most are messy eaters and usually leave stains on their clothes. Pocket bibs or silicone bibs make mealtime easier for mums, especially for those babies who get naughty while eating.

Adjustable Straps

bibs adjustable straps

Always make sure that bibs have adjustable straps. Babies differ in sizes, and adjustable straps let you provide a comfortable neckline for your little one. Eonian Care Silicone Bib’s adjustable bants let you adjust the bib easily without the hassle of tying and untying and are soft and lightweight, so your little one won’t even notice wearing it. It even fits children as they grow from baby to toddler.

Less Messy Feeding

Babies tend to play with their food. We don’t blame them, either. They’re still at the peak of their curiosity and come with a playful nature. However, there will also be times when your baby doesn’t have the mood to eat or can’t handle their food well, spilling it all over. That’s where the pocket bibs design comes to the rescue. They catch spilled food minimizing the mess on clothes and the floor. 

Prevents Stains on Clothes

Saliva and spilled food frequently leave stubborn stains on your little one’s clothes. A pocket bib helps prevent nasty stains, making laundry much easier and faster. Silicone bibs, such as the Eonian Care Ultra-light Silicone Baby Feeding Food Catcher Bib, are much easier to clean than fabric bibs, as you can wipe or wash food stains away.

Portable Design

All you need is one bib! Since it’s easy to clean, you don’t have to pack a lot of bibs that need laundering. Silicone bibs are usually foldable, so they can conveniently roll into the pocket. Avoid messy feeding, whether in restaurants, parks, or hotels.

Safe and Toxin-Free

Safety should be the priority when choosing items for your little one. That’s why we recommend getting items from reputable brands such as Eonian Care that follow product health and safety standards.

The Eonian Care bib comes from an ultra-light food-grade silicone material that is toxin and BPA-free for peace of mind. In addition, it handles hot and cold temperatures making it safe to use dishwashers and microwaves.

Easy To Clean

Silicone bibs are an excellent alternative to traditional bibs as they’re easy to clean. You can wash it with soap, let it dry, and then it’s ready for use. What are you waiting for? Skip the hassle of constantly cleaning and dealing with stains and get a Silicone Food-Catching Bib for your little one.