Why Baby Wipes Are Essential For Newborn Parents

Baby wipes are essential for every household, especially for mums with kids. Only the best materials should be used with your newborn's delicate skin. At Eonian Care, we have compiled several scenarios where mums can use baby wipes.

Nappy Changing

The skin around the nappy's region is continuously exposed to moisture. Since this area has wrinkles and folds, cleaning without bathing is difficult. Diaper rashes are newborns' most common skin problems and frequently occur when they are 9 to 12 months old. Rashes and other skin irritations appear in the nappy region caused by prolonged contact with urine, feces, sweat, and continual friction. That is why baby wipes that are safe and gentle on the skin are vital for cleansing areas and reducing irritation and pain.

Babies poop and pee in their diapers for months and you need to change nappies frequently, so you need to ensure that their bottom is cleaned for every change.


Baby wipes are also handy during feeding to remove excess food from their mouths, hands, and other body parts. Babies, after six months, are known to be messy eaters as they are still learning how to consume meals properly. They even tend to play with their food.

Having wet towels ready lets you wipe off mess not only on their body or clothes but also on tables and floors, especially when you're having meals outside your home.


When they are old, little ones can crawl around spaces and create a mess. They are prone to spills and stains as they can't differentiate what objects they can or can't touch. We often see toddlers playing with soil, markers, make-up, and pantry food. You can easily wipe off your baby's chaotic creations on their body with baby wipes if you're not at home. 

Why Water Isn't Enough

While you might think that water and washcloths are enough, water can't entirely remove oily substances on the skin. If sponges and washcloths are also used, they may still have some skin contaminants that weren't thoroughly washed or removed from the previous use. They also create too much friction against a baby's skin compared to baby wipes.

Wipes and Dispensers

Nappy changes and baby feeding are two of the most challenging routines of your bub's life. That's why having a portable wipe dispenser you can access with one hand makes these difficult routines a breeze.

The Eonian Care Dry & Wet Baby Wipes Dispenser has a non-slip suction plate, so the dispenser stays in place as you pull towels. Wipes are kept fresh and moist with an easy-to-open secure lid. At Eonian Care, we prioritise your baby's safety as our wipes are food-grade, BPA-free, and microwave safe. You can heat your Eonian Care wipes in the microwave for sterilisation or if you want to have warm wipes.

Our wipes are chemical and fragrance-free, made from natural wool cotton. These materials are safe to use, even for those with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. You also have the freedom to choose whether you want to have your wipes dry or wet.

You can even check out the Eonian Care Portable Baby Wipe Warmer, as it goes well with your dispenser. With this device, you can heat and enjoy warm wipes anywhere, as it is conveniently powered by USB cables and has three heat settings. You can also use this warmer for heating your baby food jars.

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