5 Things Only Mums Would Understand

They say having a baby is life changing. It’s that time when women officially enter an exclusive club called motherhood, where one can expect sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, late night feedings, and leaking, aching, and soreness all over. And while journey is different for every mum, it can’t be denied they have shared experiences that create an inevitable bond. 

Here are 5 things you finally “get” now that you’ve become a mum.

1. A little one’s existence can revolve around their mum’s breasts.

Sleep, feed, change nappies, play, repeat. This will be your baby’s routine for the first few weeks of life. Newborns will nurse about 8 to 12 times per day, and breastfeeding will be on demand. 

Breast milk is the only source of nutrition your bub needs (until you introduce him to solids when he reaches 6 months of age), and it also serves as their first immunisation because it’s packed with antibodies to help keep illnesses at bay. Needless to say, maintaining your milk supply is vital at this stage. 

mom is preparing to turn on her breast pump from eonian care australia

Try an electric breast pump like the Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump, which allows simultaneous pumping with the easy adjustment of pumping modes and suction strength. Double pumping not only saves time, but it can also help mums obtain a higher volume of milk with higher caloric value for babies.

2. Spending $40 on a bra that has little cutouts for your nipples.

If you’re pumping and breastfeeding, you’ll quickly realise that a nursing bra is a lifesaver. As milk production kicks in after giving birth, your breasts will become heavy and in need of support. A quality nursing bra like the Eonian Care Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra provides good support and helps minimise breast sagging later on. It conveniently goes from a normal bra to a breastfeeding one with a simple click of a clip, so you can pump or nurse when needed.

3. Mum brain is real.

You might have heard jokes about mums misplacing items and forgetting appointments and tasks they literally just thought of a minute ago; but now that you’re a parent to a newborn, you’ll discover that mum brain or mum-nesia is an actual phenomenon. The official term is postpartum memory loss, and it’s most likely caused by the effects of the increased levels of female hormones in the brain, which can affect brain function, mood, and cognition. As a mum, you’re doing new and different tasks you’re not used to doing, so it takes more brain power than usual that other functions of the brain take a backseat to these more important functions.

If your mum brain moments keep happening, it may be your body’s way of saying you need to slow down and rest. Sleep may seem like a luxury when you’re caring for a newborn, but it’s the best thing you can do to boost brain power. You should also remember to follow a healthy diet and exercise when you can.

4. Getting annoyed at baby wipe packets.

wipes dispenser with dry wipes from eonian care australia

Having a baby is almost synonymous with diaper changes, so wipes are mum’s trusty helpers to keep the mess (and explosions) at bay. But pulling wipes from packets can get annoying – you’re likely to end up with a clump when all you really need is a single piece.

To prevent wastage, the Eonian Care Re-heatable Wet + Dry Baby Wipe and Dispenser comes with a suction plate for smooth, one-handed use, guaranteeing a single sheet pull out every time. You can use it dry or keep it fresh, warm, and moist at home by popping it in the microwave to heat it up!

5. You take multitasking to an entirely new level.

eonian care bottle steriliser, baby wipes warmer, milk collector and breast milk bag

Women are pros at multitasking, but mums caring for newborns just change the game entirely. It’s all about accomplishing one task after another and crossing out items in a never ending to do list. Even when you’re not physically with your child, you’re still busy thinking and completing errands for them.

Make your life a little easier by investing in smart solutions that can help minimise your workload. Endless washing of baby bottles and breast pumps? Automate it with the Eonian Care Electric Steriliser, Dryer and Baby Bottle Warmer 3-in-1. Need to collect breast milk while at the office? Use the Eonian Care Breast Milk Collector Nipple Shield. Need to stash extra breast milk in the freezer? The Eonian Care Breast Milk Storage Bags are reusable so you save time and money! 

Yes, being a mum means you’re used to multitasking, but you should recognise that you need help and learn to ask for help. Prioritise yourself as much as you prioritise your little one. Remember: happy mums make happy babies!