How to Bottle Feed Your Baby: Tips and Techniques

Breastfeeding babies are sometimes hard for busy mums. That’s why most mothers bottle feed babies with infant formula or breastmilk.

At Eonian Care, we offer the following reminders, tips, and techniques to bottle feed your bub.

  • Always make sure that you have complete feeding equipment. You’ll need several baby bottles, teats, a bottle brush, and a steriliser. The Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump also comes in handy for a fast express. You can also get a bottle steriliser, warmer, and dryer in one device from Eonian Care.

  • Opt for bottles that are easy to wash and sterilise. Check out the Eonian Care Baby Bottles & Feeding Solutions Value Set to get BPA-free and medical-grade bottles.

  • Always sterilise bottles and teats until your little one is at least a year old.

  • Wash hands before handling sterilised bottles and teats to lessen the risk of contamination.

  • When using formula milk, make sure to read preparation instructions carefully.

  • If possible, sit comfortably with your bub close. We recommend holding your baby, looking them in the eyes, and talking to them while feeding to establish an intimate connection.

  • Hold your infant in a horizontal and slightly tipped position while supporting their head so they can breathe and drink milk comfortably. This position also allows a steady milk flow, preventing your baby from consuming air.

  • Gently brush the nipple against their lips and let them open their mouth wide, allowing them to draw in the teat.

  • Don’t rush your baby; give your little one plenty of time to feed.

  • When feeding, always pay attention to your little one as they may choke on the milk.

  • You can gently pull your baby’s mouth to release the suction if the teat goes flat.

  • When the teat gets blocked, we recommend replacing it with another nipple.

  • Babies consume differently. Some bubs consume more while others don’t. Just follow and let your little one guide you on how much they can consume.

  • Feed your bub when they’re showing signs that they’re hungry. It’s normal if they don’t finish the whole bottle.

  • Allow your baby to take short quick breaks as they may sometimes feel the urge to burp when they consume air.

  • When they seem to have enough, hold them upright and gently pat or rub their back to wind them up, letting them burp.

  • Do not recycle milk that’s left on your baby’s bottle after they feed.

  • We recommend making and preparing the bottle only when needed.

Get the supplies and tips you need at Eonian Care. Express milk simultaneously with our Smart Double Electric Breast Pump. And if your newborn is into formula milk, check out our Eonian Care Baby Bottles & Feeding Solutions Value Set.

Our feeding set includes:

  • Three 180ml magic cups

  • Three 240ml magic cups

  • Six storage lids

  • Two adaptors

  • A slow flow teat with a screw ring

  • A fast flow teat in Y-shape with a screw ring

  • A straw cup conversion top for them to use as they get older