Which Breast Pump is Best: 5 Things to Consider

Expressing milk through breast pumps are proven to be an efficient way to provide milk for your newborn. There is such a wide selection of breast pumps in the Australian market, and sometimes it can be daunting to pick which one works best.

Eonian Care lists five things to consider in selecting the perfect breast pump.

Frequency of Use

Manual pumps may suffice if your milk supply is normal and you’re a stay-at-home mum. These pumps complete the job if you’re in a comfortable environment and you’ve got a lot of free time to express milk manually.

This case would be different for on-the-go working moms who have a lot in their hands. Electric pumps work best when the milk supply is low and need to express milk as quickly as possible.

Double breast pumps are your best choice if you want to save more time to finish essential tasks as it pumps on both breasts simultaneously.


Electric pumps do cost more than manual pumps because of all the modern features you get. Manual pumps are cost-effective and come in handy if you don’t have access to a power supply. However, these pumps are laborious and time-consuming. If you are working by the hour, an electric pump may even be practical in the long run as you can do more income-generating tasks with the time and effort saved.


Opt for breast pumps that are portable, easy to assemble, and has a quiet operation. Some pumps have handy straps and are USB rechargeable so you can pump on the go.


Ensure that you have the right accessories and flange sizes that go with your pump to avoid pain and discomfort. If these accessories are not the right size, they may cause friction and leave an infected nipple.

Quality and Durability

Always check if these pumps are BPA-free for extra peace of mind. Some pumps are constructed in medical-grade material patented closed-system design and certified by European Medical Electrical Equipment Standards IEC-60601. One thing that you shouldn’t take for granted is the product’s warranty. Choosing pumps with suitable quality materials and warranty support is recommended.

You might want to check out the Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump with these considerations in mind. This set allows simultaneous pumping, saving time and boosting milk yield. It even has an easy adjustment of pumping modes and suction strength, so you can choose what comfortably works for you with just one touch.

The Eonian Care is lightweight with a LED screen for easy transportation and operation. It operates at less than 45 decibels when pumping, so you can express milk even if your bub is sleeping or if you want to pump in your workplace discreetly.

eonian care breast pump with motor switch unit