Top 5 Questions Mums Have About Baby Bottle Sterilisers

When you’re a first-time parent, shopping for baby essentials can be overwhelming. Categorising items as a want or need can be difficult, especially when you’ve never cared for a baby before. Among the list of important gear you’re likely to ask for help categorising is the baby bottle steriliser. Is it really something you need, and how often will you actually use it?  

What is a baby bottle steriliser?

A bottle steriliser is a compact machine that ensures your bub’s feeding bottles are clean and free from germs and bacteria. It provides an extra degree of sterilisation for your baby’s bottles that go beyond washing with just soap and water.

If you’re thinking of getting one for your bundle of joy, here are some common questions mums have about baby bottle sterilisers that can help guide your decision.

When should you use a baby bottle steriliser?

According to experts, all baby feeding items should be sterilised at least once a day. This is particularly crucial for babies younger than 2 months, who were born prematurely, or who have a weakened immune system. You should also sterilise bottles right out of the box or before first use, as you don’t know how they were stored or if substances have gotten in the box or on the bottles.

What type of baby bottle steriliser should I get?

There are many types of baby bottle sterilisers, from electric to microwave to cold sterilisers. Microwave sterilisers use heat from the microwave and work very fast, while cold water sterilisers use a sterilising tablet or solution to complete the process. However, the most convenient to use are electric baby bottle sterilisers, which come with additional functions that can make the task even easier, especially for new mums.

The Eonian Care Electric Steriliser, Dryer and Baby Bottle Warmer 3 in 1 not only sterilises baby bottles but can also accommodate breast pumps and other feeding essentials. It is easy to operate – just place the items inside and thanks to its drying feature, they’ll be ready for use after every wash.

Should I use an electric steriliser for my breast pump?

Sterilising and drying your breast pump and other nursing items before and after your pumping session ensures you do not contaminate breast milk. For your convenience, use an all in one steriliser that automatically cleans your feeding bottles and accessories. 

Can I use a baby bottle steriliser for heating up milk?

This can be accomplished with an electric steriliser with a bottle warmer function like the Eonian Care Electric Steriliser, Dryer and Baby Bottle Warmer 3 in 1. It can defrost, heat up or keep your breast milk warm so you can avoid damaging the milk or scalding your baby with uneven heating. This also helps preserve essential nutrients in your milk to ensure a consistent feeding experience.

Can I use my baby bottle steriliser beyond 3 months?

While most experts advise sterilising baby bottles for babies younger than 2 months, you can still get the most out of your electric steriliser beyond that period. Because of its various functions, the compact machine allows you to do more tasks or spend more time with your little one without worrying about getting their baby bottles ready for feeding. 

With a helpful tool like the Eonian Care Electric Steriliser, Dryer and Baby Bottle Warmer 3 in 1, you can trust that your baby’s bottles, breast pumps and other nursing paraphernalia are always clean and safe, reducing the risk of infections. The drying feature also prevents moisture-related contamination, and the fast sterilisation – done in just 10 minutes – helps mums save time and effort.

Whether you deem a baby bottle steriliser essential or not, your little one’s health and safety are a priority, so there’s no harm in doing all you can to ensure your bub won’t come into harm’s way. Plus, knowing everything is ready for your little one’s next feeding session helps ease your worries and reduce stress. Remember, a happy mum means a happy bub!

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