Things to Consider When Selecting a Baby Bottle Steriliser

eonian care baby bottle steriliser warmer and dryer 3 in 1

As a newborn mum, it is our responsibility to protect our little one from infections as bubs have delicate immune systems. That's why feeding apparatus such as bottles, teats, sippers, and more need to be properly sterilised before use. If you're a first-time parent, you might be second-guessing products and brands in the market. In this case, a baby bottle steriliser. But, fret not! Eonian Care's got your back.

Here is the list of things you should consider when selecting a steriliser.


The number of bottles that could fit inside your steriliser is essential as you need to have a few bottles in handy whenever your little one needs them. As such, you must consider the capacity that your steriliser can hold. This feature is vital to busy mums who find themselves expressing milk via breast pumps and storing milk in bottles.

The Eonian Care Electric Steriliser, Dryer and Baby Bottle Warmer 3 in 1 offers you three sterilising functions and hold up to 6 bottles and feeding accessories. So if you're little one is into pacifiers, you could also do quick sterilisation with the bottles.


Baby products come with a price, especially if you opt for quality ones in the market. Always make sure that the price is fair. If the price is too low, you might start to question the quality and safety that comes with it.

The Eonian Care Steriliser provides two additional functions: the dryer and warmer. These features make it a practical choice as you'll get more settings and capabilities at just the price of most sterilisers.


Baby products occupy a lot of space and add clutter to the home. They are regularly used for a couple of years, but there will come a time that your baby no longer needs them. The Eonian Care Electric Baby Bottle Steriliser comes with a sleek modern look in a subtle nude colour that matches any contemporary home. It doesn't take too much space, so storing doesn't become a hassle. Plus, you won't mind having it sit around the room with its modern vibe.


Babies tend to have their favourite bottles, and sometimes we don't know why. With this, opt for a steriliser that fits a range of bottles so you can regularly use the ones that suit your little one best.


Sterilisers can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria if not appropriately cleaned like any other appliance. Having a model that is easy to clean with fewer parts is convenient, especially if you're a busy mum. The Eonian Care Electric Steriliser, Dryer and Baby Bottle Warmer comes with a design that doesn't make cleaning a hassle.

eonian care baby bottle warmer 3 in 1


Mums are known for their ability at multitasking. Make chores and tasks more manageable with a steriliser equipped with intelligent technology. The Eonian Care Electric Steriliser comes with a 10-minute sterilise feature, fast defrost, and a 24-hour warming system great for a hustling parent. It's easy to use with a digital LED display and stylish press buttons that keep you on track throughout the sterilisation cycle.


Safety comes at a price. The Eonian Care Baby Bottle Steriliser comes in a BPA free and PP material that gives you extra peace of mind. Plus, the automatic switches makes it convenient, so you don't need to worry about overheating or overdrying the bottles.

eonian care bottle steriliser with automatic switch led display and press buttons