Paced Bottle Feeding Your Baby

Most newborn mothers, if not all, bottle-feed their babies. Bottle feeding is more convenient, time-saving, and comfortable for busy mums compared to breastfeeding.

If you’re a working mum, you may already have the basic must-haves from Eonian Care such as Smart Double Electric Breast Pump, Baby Bottles & Feeding Solutions Value Set, Breast Milk Storage Bags with Pump Adapters, and good quality accessories. Now all you need is a good technique with bottle-feeding and you might just want to check out how paced bottle feeding works.

What is Paced Bottle Feeding?

There are many helpful benefits why you should check out this technique. Here are some following examples:

● Your bub eats slowly and lets him learn how to pace himself.

● Avoids the risk of underfeeding or overfeeding as babies learn to recognize when they’re full.

● Helps prevent gas, discomfort, colic-like symptoms and choking which babies often get when they feed fast.

● Less stressful for babies as they avoid gulping the milk down.

● Pumping milk occurs less often as little ones know when to stop consuming when they’re full.

● Establishes long-term healthy eating habits.

How To Do Paced Bottle Feeding

● Choose the right bottle. The Eonian Care Baby Bottles & Feeding Solutions Value Set comes at the right feeding sizes and includes a slow-flow teat, ideal for paced bottle feeding.

● Hold the baby upright as this helps in controlling the milk better than laying down. Make sure that there is a slight recline so your bub stays comfortable.

● Keep the bottle horizontal. Once your baby is latching on the bottle nipple keeping it on the horizontal position makes the milk consumption slower. This process usually takes 10-20 minutes rather than a baby gulping milk down in 5 minutes.

● Encourage pausing while feeding.

● Move the baby one side to the other to help the baby avoid side preferences.

● Pay attention to cues that your baby is full. If you think your bub is full, remove the bottle from his mouth by twisting gently. Offer it again after a few seconds. If he accepts, feed him for about 20 seconds and repeat until he refuses.

Whether you’re using pumped breast milk or formula milk, if you’re regularly bottle-feeding, then the paced bottle feeding method might be something you’d like to try.