Debunking Some Popular Breastfeeding Myths

There’s a vast sea of breastfeeding myths and information all over the Internet, and it’s important especially for mums, to know what is real and what’s not. So, we have compiled this list to bring the truth to some of the misconceptions and these known “old wives tales” about breastfeeding misinformation in order to share the truth out.

MYTH: Breastfeeding is easy and comes naturally.

Babies tend to look for their mum’s breast as a natural reflex. However, it doesn’t come easy for mums to find out which position works best during feeding. Breastfeeding needs a lot of support and constant checks that the baby’s appropriately attached. This takes time to practice, and some even take classes.

MYTH: It's normal to have sore nipples when breastfeeding.

Mothers may experience a little bit of discomfort during the first few days after birth. But it’s not normal for mums to suffer sore nipples regularly. This issue can be overcome with the correct position and breastfeeding accessories. You might want to check out Eonian Care’s line of accessories, such as the Breast Shields and Breast Pump Massage Cushions, as these items make expressing milk comfortable. A lactation consultant can also help overcome this problem.

MYTH: Washing nipples is necessary before breastfeeding.

Babies are naturally already familiar with how their mother smells. Mums don’t need to wash nipples before breastfeeding as it produces a substance that bubs love to smell. This substance has good bacteria that improves a babies’ immune system and also helps during growth.

MYTH: Separating the newborn and mother is essential to let the mother rest.

The ‘skin-to-skin’ contact or kangaroo mother care is encouraged by doctors, midwives, and other professionals. Bringing the baby close to his mother immediately after birth is a critical practice to help establish breastfeeding.

MYTH: Avoid strong-flavoured food when breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding mums don’t need to change their meal habits for their little ones. All you need to do is eat a balanced diet and avoid unhealthy substances such as alcohol. It’s okay for your babies to be exposed to your favourite food items even if it has a strong flavour. This will help them develop their sense of taste in the long run.

MYTH: Avoid exercise as it may affect breast milk.

Exercise is great for breastfeeding mothers. There’s no evidence that physical activities affect the milk’s taste negatively.

MYTH: You can't breastfeed and use formula milk at the same time.

Mothers may feed their babies formula milk while also breastfeeding. Mothers should continue offering their breast to their baby to stimulate breast milk production if they’re still able. So, just don’t really mind those breastfeeding myths you’ve heard from your old neighbour. Instead, follow the real facts on caring for your baby.

breast milk or formula milk inside a baby bottle and mum and baby on the background

MYTH: Avoid breastfeeding your bub when you're sick.

This breastfeeding myth depends on the type of illness the mother has. It’s usually okay to breastfeed as the antibodies created when sick are being passed on to your little one. This, in turn, strengthens his or her immune system.

MYTH: Avoid medication when you're breastfeeding.

Most medications are fine to consume, even if you’re breastfeeding. It is essential to read the medicine’s instructions and inform the doctor that you’re breastfeeding.

MYTH: Babies tend to be clingy when they're breastfed.

Babies grow up differently. Their personalities are not dependent on whether they’re breastfed or not. However, experts encourage breastfeeding as it is vital in their brain development and enhances the bond between their mothers.

MYTH: If you're a working mum, you'll have to wean your baby.

With busy and working mothers, it might be difficult to breastfeed your little one. If breastfeeding during work isn’t possible, you can express your milk at home using the Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump. Afterwards, you can store breastmilk or formula milk in the Eonian Care Baby Bottles & Feeding Solutions Value Set or the Eonian Care Breast Milk Storage Bags with 2 Pump Adapters so little one has the milk he or she needs for the day.

There are probably a hundred more, if not, thousand more breastfeeding myths that needs debunking. What “old wives tale” that is not mentioned above do you think we should debunk?

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