For Nursing Mothers: 6 Helpful Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

woman breastfeeding a baby in public sitting under the tree

Breastfeeding in public can be a little scary and can take a little getting used to for most mothers- especially for those new mums.

Mother's don't have a choice when things go unplanned as it's impossible to be home at all times. If your little bub is hungry, then there's no waiting even if you're in a public place. It's reassuring to know that countries like Australia have the right of every mother to breastfeed in public. 

Eonian Care offers helpful tips for mothers who seem to experience these kinds of scenarios regularly. Whether you have an important errand with no one to look out for your baby, or whether you're tight on time and often find yourself in places with no breastfeeding rooms, Eonian Care always has your back.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you're prone to experiencing these situations, you can practice in front of a mirror to see how you look like. Having a mirror will help you notice if you expose too much skin as you imagined. If so, you can try different angles on how to cover and hold your baby so you can comfortably breastfeed in public with fewer worries in mind.

Dress Not To Impress

Try looking for pieces designed for easy breastfeeding. There are even clothes made for breastfeeding mums in public. We recommend using a nursing bra to give the baby more effortless access to your breasts than regular ones. If you have your usual wardrobe, choose to wear a loose shirt over your bra that can easily pull up or a button-down blouse that quickly unbuttons.

Eonian Care Tip:

The Eonian Care Hands-free Pumping & Nursing Bra works well with breast pumps and breastfeeding in public. It comes with a soft and breathable fabric with an elastic band for support and fit. With this type of bra, you can give your baby access to your nipples without exposing too much skin for other people to see.

Bag of Supplies

Fill your baby bag with much-needed supplies. You might want to try out wearing nursing pads that absorb breastmilk leakage. Having a good bag filled with nursing pads, pillows, and wipes is also crucial, and this offers you more peace of mind as you are better equipped.

Eonian Care Tips:

Prevent messy milk leaks with the Eonian Care Breast Milk Collector Nipple Shield 2 Pack. This pair is designed to fit your bra and collects precious milk that leaks as your little one feeds. You can also save extra bucks compared to having disposable ones as these are easy to clean to reuse.

You can also use the Eonian Care Breast Pumping On-the-go Companion Cooler Bag to carry other necessities. It comes with a stylish design and different spacious compartments.

If you're on the go, you might want to bring the Eonian Care Re-heatable Wet + Dry Baby Wipe and Dispenser with you. This dispenser keeps wipes fresh and moist and is easily accessible with one hand. Don't worry about making any mess, as having these pure wool cotton wipes does the trick. Plus, it's chemical and fragrance-free, so your baby's extra sensitive skin is safe.

Familiarize Yourself with the Area

Look around the area and familiarize yourself with any breastfeeding rooms nearby. When you're at a mall, you can usually use a lounge or a fitting room, for example. If these are not available, you can also check out quiet corners and cafes so you can breastfeed in peace. Knowing where you go and the type of environment you're in helps you prepare for breastfeeding in public. 

To Cover Or Not To Cover

If you're not able to find a secluded area to nurse, you can always pack a light blanket for extra privacy. However, covering is a choice. If you feel more comfortable breastfeeding uncovered, then that's fine, too.

Know Your Rights

Be prepared for unforeseen events such as encountering a critic. Always know that you have the right to breastfeed a hungry child in public. Be confident in knowing that there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public, and no mother should be ashamed for doing so. Don't spend so much time on what other people think. After all, taking care of your baby is your top priority.