6 Things Mums with Babies Are Most Judged for on Social Media

Motherhood is a joyful and fulfilling experience, but the reality is that it can be tough and overwhelming at times. Mums with babies, in particular, often have to deal with mum shaming–when women are often made to feel bad about the decisions they make for their children. Especially in this age of social media, mothers often face criticism and judgement from individuals who analyse their every move.

Becoming a mother can sometimes feel like a war, and we’re all trying to survive. Here are 6 things that mums with babies are frequently judged for.


Whether a mom chooses to breastfeed or give her baby formula, she is still likely to face criticism on all fronts. Breastfeeding mums are often judged for nursing in public or nursing for too long. On the other hand, formula feeding mums are often accused of not trying hard enough or not caring enough about their baby’s health.

breastfeeding mom is preparing to set up her eonian care breast pump

Extended breastfeeding

Instead of being lauded, mums who choose to continue breastfeeding beyond six months are often ridiculed. This is especially true if their little ones look thin for their age–the naysayers will excitedly pounce and take a swipe. 

However, we can all agree that the benefits of prolonged breastfeeding outweigh any untoward comments. Breastfed babies have bolstered immunities and reduced health risks, as the chemical makeup of breast milk will change to meet children’s evolving nutritional needs. According to the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, breastfeeding can continue until the age of 2 or longer.

Baby’s appearance

Mums with babies are often judged based on what their children are wearing. Some people may criticise a mum for not dressing her baby in the latest fashion or having enough layers of clothing. They might also judge her for not keeping her baby clean and well-groomed. In reality, parents make all kinds of choices for their kids, and it should be no one else’s business.

Baby’s sleep habits

If a mum shares her little one’s sleeping habits online, she may also be judged for it. Whether she’s co-sleeping, not putting her baby on a strict sleep schedule, or letting her bub cryit out, others will always have something to say.

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Baby’s development

Thanks to social media, people have become “experts” on how babies develop and will always have something to say about the little ones hitting milestones. Some may criticise mum for not doing enough to stimulate her baby’s development, while others may judge her for pushing too hard. But it’s important to remember that every baby learns differently and at their own pace. So long as mums have the guidance and support of their paediatrician, they will be all right.

Working or staying at home

Mums will still be criticised whether they choose to stay with their baby at home or continue working after their maternity leave. Those who stay at home will be judged for not fulfilling their career potential, while those who work will be called out for not being there for their babies.

Mothers already experience enough mum guilt and they should not feel burdened about their choices. Whether they choose to work or stay at home, they will never stop caring for their children. And when they choose to be happy, they will also pass on that happiness to their little ones.

mom is breast pumping and using her breast pump while working

At Eonian Care, we understand the plight of mums and it’s why we strive to be the support system they need when it comes to raising their little ones. We know that every mum is doing the best she can with the resources and support she has. They should not be judged for their choices–instead, they should be offered help and understanding.

To the mums, don’t mind the naysayers. You will figure out how to balance your load. Mums always do.